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So I’m thinking to make decent gobos, but since room is not that large I dont think I can make gobos too big.

Just wondering is each gobo has to be at least xx inch thick? I heard this for bass trap, so I did it exactly what people suggested but couldnt find useful information about gobos yet.

And as far as I know, gobos will absorb sound, but in my case is it better to make them to not absorb but reflect sound? I have no clue about gobos yet so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you!

Since I took these photos I have added a few gobos. They are very useful. But what I have found is that gobos alone doesn't do the job. placing instruments and microphones in the best possible place and choice of microphones matters a lot too.

Generally, because of the drums I close mic the piano with half stick with a pair of Neumann KM183s and put a blanket over the piano. I use a gobo between the bass and the drums and I try to point the bass mic in such a way that the drums are in the null. I have found that ribbon mics are particularly good at this.

As for the horns, again, point the null towards the the other instruments and use a gobo.
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