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Old 7th July 2019
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Just got a chance to try it out, along with Sound Forge.

First time around, mouse buttons were faffed... no matter if I clicked right or left, I got the Mouse Mode popup. Had to End Task to get it to close and then restarted, it found an update (?? how is there an update when the demo installer just installed the latest version ??), but now buttons worked at least.

I do agree, the actual look of the channel headers is very sharp. 3D look without being overboard like Cubase was from 7-9.5 (but they finally fixed that by going flatter in v10). I stumbled into automation paint mode - I did find it very smooth to paint in automation on the waveform itself. I think Studio One can do that too, not sure about Cubase.

Also, I did like how I could move the playhead by clicking anywhere on a wave file on any track... makes sense, you see where in the waveform you want to skip to, why not let you click there... except then, you move playback around when you don't mean to, also. Not sure if S1 or C10 can do that, will have to look into it.

But overall, it crashed again. Also demo'ed Sound Forge 13 Pro, it crashed as soon as I hit record, I'll give it a break and assume it didn't like my default driver or something. But each time I start it, it takes 3-4 minutes! I have no VSTs in my standard VST plugin directories. The bit of time it was open in between crashes, it didn't look that exciting. Yes, a dark theme, but not much different.

Funny thing is I was a Samplitude user way, way back before Magix bought them. I am sure it has some more fun surprises, but I am afraid this little sojourn that I've been waiting to take for a long time will have to end. I was willing to put in the effort to learn it, but too much just seems hard to figure out in a minute or two (could not figure out how to show the promised automation lanes, for example). Plus a lot of things are standard Windows popups/controls still (as in Acid Pro), feels very 2001-2007ish.

I am thinking most of the user base is simply those who have used it since way back and never left. Anyway, I tried! I got angry with Cubase often from version 8-9.5, hence my foray into Studio One. But at last it never crashed on a simple project. And now more than ever, it's easy to find stuff. The level of complexity of finding stuff in Samplitude Pro X4 is more like Cubase was in versions 6-8, I would say.

To be fair, Magix as a company seems to piss me off any chance they get. Such as when I bought Acid Pro 8 earlier this year and now already it's version 9, which should really be version 8.1. And no free upgrade... in fact, for me to "upgrade", it would cost the same $99 as the full version is on sale for! I mean, $20, $40-50, ok, maybe. But $99 for a few minor version fixes/additions? No thanks. So I guess the bar was pretty high for either Sound Forge Pro 13 or Samplitude Pro X4 to blow me away.

Edit: I did get Sound Forge Pro working. I forgot I had a junction in one of my standard VST folders for Steinberg's stuff so it was scanning that. Still feels kind of old. But selecting audio, moving it around, etc., is pretty quick (but the way I remember). Am going to try WaveLab Elements/Pro now, pretty sure I am still headed that direction.