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This looks awesome. I have to ask - was this product at all inspired by the Drawmer M500? It's the only other remotely similar product I have found anywhere online.
Hi, thanks a lot for the nice words Actually the process was a bit different, I initially built the nABC for myself, for using it with my desktop and modular synths (so I wanted both gate/CV and MIDI/USB sidechain triggers) without having to route sidechain audio and getting crazy by adjusting attack/release all the time. But when I started SUONOBUONO and I saw the interest and added the more common audio sidechain line/inserts.

Quite frankly, the nABC does not have the ambition to replace high end dedicated rack compressors that cost several time more. I see it more as a fun and creative tool for musicians with a pretty clean sound. I actually just published an A/B comparison with a DBX and a Warm Audio 1176 clone, I hope you enjoy it:

Less than 3 days left to get it for a big discount: