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Yeah you're right, all the presidents of the United States have sounded thin and fizzy for the last 50 years because thats the mic that has been on the presidential podium every time a president has spoken for the last half a century.

If your 57 is thin and fizzy you have either dropped it really hard onto concrete several times or you dont know what you are doing using it.

A 57 even loaded into the wrong impedance sounds very good assuming the source isnt crap, if you want to make it even better getting it the correct load doesnt have to be all that difficult or all that expensive.

The ART MPA micpreamp has variable impedance and sounds quite good for around $200 used or $350 brand new and it is a two channel preamp.

You can buy an xlr barrel with a couple resistors in it for about $15-$20 that will get the correct load for your sm57 or you could even make them yourself cheaper if you can solder.

Yes there are tons of mics that will work for recording electric guitar but to say the 57 isnt suited for somebody recording in their bedroom is ridiculous. It's a studio and industry standard for 50 years for good reason, it's simply a great mic for not much cash.
Sigh, my post you quoted was my attempt at humour. 57s are not fizzy or thin nor do they NOT suit the hobby recordist - I'm suggesting the PR-20 suits that application MORE in my experience. I've stated (and restated 'til I'm blue in the face) is I think in home/bedroom studio environments at lower than studio volumes IN COMPARISON the PR-20 sounds fuller, which is similar to saying IN COMPARISON the 57 sounds fizzy. I have two 57s and whilst they are not absolutely identical they both share the same characteristic in comparison to my three Heils.They have not been dropped or abused either. I've been playing with electronics as a hobby for over 45 years so yes I understand the concepts around impedance and how to correct it (were it necessary) but that's not the point of this thread. I also said early in the thread that any of these mics will do the job.