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Make Noise Wogglebug and RxMX+FXDf. I was pretty hard Make Noise fanboy for a while. I was snapping up every module I could. I wanted a random and wouldn't even entertain the idea of anything other than the MN Wogglebug. I was never quite able to get it to do what I wanted the way I wanted. I still have it sitting here but it hasn't seen power since I got a Sapel. I bought the RxMx and FXDf because A) It's Make Noise and B) Alessandro Cortini video using a Buchla filter bank with noise. I realized A) I don't need to own every Make Noise module. B) It does not equal a Buchla filter bank and C) most importantly, I'm not Alessandro Cortini.

I still think Make Noise is one of the best module makers out there and I love seeing all their new products and videos but, I've come to realize my goals do not necessarily fall in line with theirs.