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Pretty much a majority of samples are in 32bits, depending on genre and it’s a pain to have to convert them. Time stretching... the little things a sampler should have. It’s a good sampler, just needs to be modernized. I can never understand why people ask for things not to be updated... if you don’t want to use the updated feature then simply don’t. It’s also weird you still can’t input 32 bit samples into the sampler yet the arrange window can convert it, and you can’t preview it except from your finder. Doesn’t make any sense. New features never really break old features, it’s usually broken to begin with. I know it’s the common fear. What I would like to see is a better window to scroll for sounds and not constantly having to click the speaker icon to hear the sound. It should be continuous. Quick sample select where simply CLicking on the sample inputs it directly into exs24 and if you want to go in further you can. These would be great common sense updates, that wouldn’t mess with your workflow

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