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Mic up a cab with a 57 - the go-to guitar cab mic and mic along side it with a PR-20. Listen to them both then you'll hear the fizz I'm talking about.
I have probably used the sm57 over 100 times with guitar cabs and no fizz was ever recorded onto a track. I got great results with the SM57 on countless different guitar cabinets.
If you get fizz, then its not the MIC.

Look up these songs and listen to the guitars. No fizz and they were recorded with an SM57:

1. Lindsey Buckingham used it on some of his guitars for Fleetwood Mac - Like his Guitar solo on “Go Your Own Way”
2. Sufjan Stevens, “Greetings from Michigan”
3. Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago”
4. The Killers - Day and Age, guitarist Dave Kuening used SM57 on that song for his guitar
5. “Project 57” - Recorded an entire song, start to finish, using 57s on everything: drums, guitars, lead and backing vocals, and bass (a Rickenbacker 4001 pumped, oddly enough, into a Gibson Lab Series L5 solid–state amp). As is always the story with the 57, it may not cost much, but the sound and vibe it generated hardly sounded cheap.

There are just too many to list. No fizz though