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The Audio Damage Neuron and DubMix mk2. Reason being that neither work consistently with my case/PSU and the manufacturer went out of business and gave the middle finger to any outstanding support issues. I can't sell them in good conscience because there's about a 50% chance they wont work with someone else's PSU and they weren't that important to my sound that I want to bend over backwards finding power that will work for them. If anyone's interested in them I'd happily trade for just about anything else. Not that I expect there would be any takers with that kind of impression.
I was always interested in both of those...I’m too happy with my setup to think of parting stuff out for trade right now and don’t have the cash to buy them from you outright at this time (and would need to find room for another case)...but if you’re still sitting on them in a few months let me know, since I should be able to corner Chris at a local synth meet if they’re defective in my rig, and if that doesn’t work I’ll try to arrange a theremin orchestra to play outside his house every night until he relents.