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The 57 has a bit of a bump around 5-6K that is usually considered to be a good thing to make the guitar sound cut, however if your guitar sound already has an excessive amount of top end bite boosting it further by using a 57 could get ugly.

When people complain about the sound of a 57 on a guitar cab as being fizzy or harsh I usually would say consider the source rather than blaming the mic.

Another "trick" to using a 57 is understanding that it sounds smoother when loaded properly. Many micpreamps are on the high side impedance wise (2-3K ohms) rather than the more old school 300-600 ohms which loads the 57 properly and makes it operate as originally intended.
So would the average bedroom guitarist on a budget have a pre-amp wih the "right" impedence to suit a 57? I suspect not, is a bedroom type amp at bedroom levels going to tend to sound thin? I suspect so. I close the case for the PR-20 your honour! in reality no-one is ever going to get fired putting a 57 in front of a guitar cab. A used one at the right price could easily be sold for what you paid for it so that's a low risk option.