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Old 5th July 2019
Yellow Cab Studio C - Atmos

Well boys and girls, here we go!
We are starting work on a new film mix stage, Studio C. It will be in our Aubervilliers facility, just North of Paris, where we opened our big Foley room (Studio D) back in 2014 (sh*t, time flies).
Here's the lowdown on the Studio:
- 500 cubic meters (17657 cubic ft) within the acoustic treatment (the inner shell is larger)
- Size within acoustic treatment: 7.8m/25.5ft (W) x 10.88m/36ft (screen to back wall) x 5.5/18ft (H)
- normal perforated screen with a 7m base (23ft)
- LCR speakers will be JBL 4675C
- 34 surround speakers

We just did the first phase of construction to prepare for the main act.

We needed to first build a wall for the outer shell of the Atmos studio, to create a new machine room between it and the Foley room. This will allow us to get the Foley room (Studio D) running again (downtime sure costs money) and have enough isolation that we wont be bothered by the construction work on the new room.