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One of the best clippers is digital 0 dbFS DAW's internal, for example Cubase has lovely clipping
How does Cubase work? Does the mixbus clip or do you have to bounce out the file to find out what it actually sounds like? In Logic the mixbus has insane floating point headroom so if you want to "clip" logic you have to bounce out a 24-bit file. I noticed doing this sounds pretty open and punchy and has its own subtle vibe compared to using some clipping plugs.

This got me would be amazing in daws to pick the bit-depth of the mixbus. 32-bit float is useful, especially for the producer/writer types, but it would be great to be able to have the mixbus sound exactly the same as when you bounce out a file and to be able to audition the daw's clipping vs other plugins.

I should test whether Logic's bit-crusher plugin set to 24-bit nulls with bouncing the mixbus clipping.