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Old 5th July 2019
Soundwise I like Boz Big Clipper the most, I kinda like what KClip is doing in multiband for superloud music cases by combinig clip types, Airwindows clips are solid too and very ok clipping introduces Elevate. Now I am demoing new VennAudio V-Clip and it's hardclip mode is nice and somehow fat. One of the best clippers is digital 0 dbFS DAW's internal, for example Cubase has lovely clipping

Some clippers sound better cutting few dBs than others, some sound better when cutting hell of a lot than others, so...

It is "just" clipping, they are different approaches to it, but at the end of the day I lost too much time by choosing "most transparent" clipper and limiter and "greatest color/character" clipper and limiter, when for music, there are much more important stages of production... there are all the time coming new clips and in some cases I was just more than happy with good old GClip