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Old 5th July 2019
Here for the gear

There is also the Oktava MK-012 4D (or D4, I can't remember). I have an old one; the sphere encompassing the capsules is about 98 mm diameter, which makes for poor directional resolution even down to relatively 'mid' frequencies. I have not seen how big the current model is; it might be better (smaller) - can't easily tell from photos on the website; it can't be very small, given the fairly large size of MK-012 capsules.

An issue with the early MK-012 4D is that it uses a non standard Ambisonic layout - effectively turned 90 degrees; I think the DPA Amnisonic mic is the same. Also, it really benefits from being properly calibrated, to compensate a little for the large array size.

All that said, the sound from the Oktava capsules is lovely for classical music, whether choral or orchestral. I still occasionally use it , when directional cues are not so important. But mostly I use a Brahma, for it's better directional resolving power