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Here for the gear

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With Cubase it is useless like a brick as well, either firmware version....
I wouldn't say it's 'useless'...I use mine like a fiend and it's sped up my workflow a great deal. Is Cubase one of the supported DAWs though or is it like Reaper and not included?

I need to figure out how to make the function buttons do things though...I guess I'd need to select them in CC editing or something. I haven't really looked into it tbh. But yeah, aside from the 1.7 firmware update being a bit of a stinker I'm very happy with mine

The absence of an on/off switch seems odd though so I just brought a 12 volt inline switch (like the ones you plug the power bricks for an LED light strip into) for about 5 bucks online. No more unplugging it like a twat every time I want to turn the thing off now. Huzaar!