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1.07 firmware update is worse

What's with the 1.07 firmware update making the channel select buttons go mental in Reaper? It made the select track with mouse click option available sure, but like most single fader controller users I tend to keep one hand on the controller while I jog the wheel and generally mash buttons like a loon
...not being able to select tracks to volume adjust with the fader using the channel select buttons is just lunacy.

I ended up going back to the 1.04 firmware because it works with Reaper much better. Why no love for the gazillions of Reaper users out there in DAWville, Behringer? Aside from that the X-Touch One kicks arse

I know Reaper isn't one of the DAWs included in the 1.07 firmware though so I guess that's the reason. Still, I found mouse clicking to select tracks wasn't really a big deal for me considering there's a bank button anyway. Mash that sucker and you're 50-odd tracks into the project in a few seconds anyway...not that I usually have that many tracks on the boil though.

Anyone one else had issues with the the latest update?