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Old 3rd July 2019
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if i got your setup right, you might consider getting a yamaha dme24n with a my-16 card of choice/depending on the digital i/o's of the rest of your monitoring chain.

the dme24n is a fully configurable dsp mixer, controlled by dme manager which runs on a win pc. max. i/o count is 8 analog plus 16 digital (via slot) if running at 48khz or 8 digital at 96khz (or 16 analog i/o's with the appropriate analog card) - the larger dme64n has 4 card slots but no analog i/o's; i'm using one of these with two my-lake cards, a madi and a dante (or aes) card (plus additional lake processors to control my 7.1.4 setup, a pair of nearfields, a single broadband speaker plus two additional subs).

maybe better use the built-in speaker processor modules which feature 8-band peq than geq's but if that's what you want, you can easily configure whatever you want (until you max out the dsp).

p.s. the dme's can be found for ridiculous prices these days... - can recommend lake (but they are far more expensive) or (if you need a serious amount of processing) check out this: