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Old 3rd July 2019
Here for the gear

I've been working Quality Check on industrial/military-grade PCB's for about 3 years now, but i've always been way into anything tech.
I've recently also developed a pricey PC audiophile hobby. I got myself an AE-5 SoundBlasterX card so i could record and listen to music in 32-bit smoothness, then i got a pair of true 5.1 Roccat Kave analog surround headsets.
Then i decided i wanted a semi-pro recording solution and got a BM-700 Tonor Pro mic with a spring-balanced arm-stand, modded it using schematics i found on the internet; Basically added an inline resistance after cutting one of the leads on the PCB, which was kinda scary, then soldered a 50v 220uF capacitor between ground and one of the SMD resistances using my craptastic soldering iron that's falling apart and some expensive 5% AG lead-free audiophile-grade solder. It came out okay but then i tinkered a bit more and added a small 50V 20pF styrofoam capacitor shorting one of the legs with the highest resistance on the main transistor feeding into the mic's capsule. That improved pickup for frequencies above 1kHZ but also raised the noise floor back up by about 5db. But hey, you win some, you loose some
That mic then feeds into a MIC200 preamp which i also modded with a better lower-mu vaccum tube (20 MU on the 12AU7A vs the stock, harsh-sounding 100MU 12AXA Behringer tube with chromed getter plates) to make it more suitable for voice-work. It worked a bit TOO well and now i actually have to push gain about +20bd more so it would overcome the 20db pad... which i need engaged to kill off the background noise from my computer case.. particularly the two D.F. Storm fans i slapped on the Morpheus II aftermarket heatsink cooling my 1080-ti with liquid-metal instead of thermal paste as "thermal interface." (the thing barely climbs over 60C on a hot summer day and breaks 6k points in Superposition benchmark at 1080p Extreme settings).

So i recently also ordered used RCA 5965 tube with the hopes that the higher 47MU will allow me to run my mic without amping the gain, which from what i've read, on the MIC200's "starved plate" design is adding non-harmonic transistor distortions as opposed to "2nd order" distortions tubes usually put out. So i guess i'm also a tube purist now :i

...i think i may have a problem.

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