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So next we got the wall that divides the studio and the salon all framed out, and then drywalled the studio side.

You can see we also filled the webbing of the I-joists out to flush with the edges of the flanges. Once we put this drywall up on the studio side, we completely filled the stud cavities with 5 layers of 5/8 drywall to make a high mass single leaf. This way the 2nd leaf comes from the freestanding rooms. This was a lot of work, but fortunately we had a ton of scraps.

Solving the puzzle-

And a shot with Ernest putting on the final layer on the salon side. This is 7 layers of 5/8 that divide the studio from the salon-

With that done we could put up booth 2, this is the west 'inside out' wall going up. This is 4 layers of 5/8 plus framing so about 1300 lbs.

Once the wall jacks run out of stud to crank up on, they take them out and use some other studs with cross pieces screwed to them to walk it back up. I was helping at the end of this so didn't get any more footage of it going into place.

Before doing that we had already framed up the other 3 walls. Cody and Ernest making sure the header, jack and king studs are all right-

And then put them all together-

Main entrance hallway-

Then set the joists on top, spaced between the buildings joists-

And 4 layers of 5/8, all seams and corners lapped and 2 layers of GG inside.