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Old 2nd July 2019
A used yamaha recording custom would be a great start for studio drums There is a 6pc grey one on reverb for about 1600 shipped which would leave you 900 for snare, cymbals and stands. Some others for a bit more are also on there. You can always find these drumsets for around 1500 -2000 if you shop patiently. $500-1000 leftover will get you into some snares, stands and brass.
Same thing here - buy used. I would look for used full sets to buy then keep the stands, snare, and brass out of that and sell the kick and toms as a shell pack. I also see lots of kits on craiglist where people have over spent on a hobby and decided to give it up. Pretty good deals on some of these. $2500 should get you a nice setup by piecing it together or by buying a full used setup.