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We were the first to ask for the dark finish that was available on the MKH80 for the MKH800. They couldn't see why it was such an issue to have the mics in champagne rather than TV Grey.
I'd think you were asking for something completely unreasonable and 'special edition'...rather than Sennheiser simply taking a few tubes to another part of the plant for finishing (or shipping them out to another facility, if that's what it took to action your request) In addition, your purchase of 6 mics was a considerable one, which one would expect would expedite your request ?

That's the delight in engaging with smaller outfits, like Royer, Samar, Line Audio etc....they have a GS presence here and are typically responsive to reasonable requests like yours, which makes the aloof distance of the 'complacent and established old guard' more frustrating, by comparison.

Does anyone make black heat shrink in the width of the MKH80/800 tubes ? That would be a quick and cheap DIY solution...