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Originally Posted by Rolo 46 View Post
I waited 9 months for a black pair of MKH 800 and gave up.....
The MZD 30 Stereo MS clip is now obsolete
Its not looking good.

It has been clear for the last 5 years where they are heading. I should try and get two more MKH30 while they are out there, maybe one MHH50 for the sake of it.

Of course sales are down. No MKH8030, so low 8000 series sales. Not much sales of the old MKH800/30/40 series, as the new series is there - incomplete.

At the same time, the firm is almost hiding the fact they have (or were the forefront of) top notch studio mics.

Of course they do not sell a lot, as even bigger German outfits that record Belgian orchestras for DG use Sennheiser MK4 and MK8 mics as spots. Really highend at 300-700 a piece. Luckily the off-axis response is not as bad as could be expected.

The end of an era.

I could offer two MKH800twins for 12.000 euro each, then I can buy two Rode TF M50 mics. I will include the shockmounts for that price