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I have also done large sessions that required an insane amount of headphones. What we have done with projects like that is give everyone in the (let us say) choir or chorus inexpensive individual pocket FM receivers so we can tune and transmit their mix to an open local frequency. The rest of the band and such get either wired or wireless IEMs or headphone setups.

I can indeed be a living nightmare setup wise, yet it can also be very rewarding when it works out with limited issues.

With the FM receiver setup, every has their own volume control. The band had not only volume control, but the ability to balance their own mix via the fed stereo stems and direct channels we feed each personal mixer.

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I did a session a long time ago with the college orchestra. 80 sets of in ear phones. It was a nightmare setup wise. Keeping 80 sets of headphones and the wires untangled and each musician wanted an individual volume control. It took my tech assistant a week (40+ hours) to get it all wired up and checked out, lots of money spent, then it was used for a bunch of rehearsals and the performance and then put it in box and never used again. Oh well I guess it was all worth it for a 20 minute piece written by one of the faculty members. The track was " (up to 20) and then (and so forth and so on). FWIW