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So, what we need next is an upgrade on our sound, but I don't want to go to multiple box per side setup, so for the moment I try to find the "best" single speaker. I don't want, at the end of the day, to spend hours getting down a line-array setup.

Fulcrum is interesting, but in Europe is harder to find, so my interest has got me to RCF's top box, the TTL6a. Has anybody heard them, or have any comparison to any other higher-up speaker? And with KW153 too.
I think you are on exactly the right lines avoiding crappy "dash" arrays, and looking at capable single box solutions such as the TTL6a.

It's a mightily impressive box, both in quality and output. The coherent focused mid/high coaxial arrangement works really well, as long as the wide 90° horizontal coverage pattern isn't reflecting off any surface.

It's a pretty big box, but that combined with the 5° downward tilt of the vertical dispersion, makes it just right to stand alone on theatre-type stages. Then simply aim it appropriately, and depending on the shape of the room you can probably get away with just a single pair of tiny boxes for infill or outfill.

I'm not really familiar with your QSC boxes, though as I recall the 3-way is the model not cursed with their conical and broad HF horn. Hence you might not be used to deploying boxes with such wide horizontal coverage, which may or may not be an issue depending on the rooms involved.

There are other decent less expensive options from RCF and DB Tech. The NXL44 and IG4T are smaller 2-way designs, but both have hefty HF drivers and put out a lot for such skinny boxes - with similarly wide horizontal dispersion.

All three can be arrayed in pairs, with appropriate compensation settings on the DSP. I've not much experience using them that way, so you would need to check the specs for each box to see what options that gives in terms of changing the vertical coverage pattern.

The latter two are a fair bit smaller than the TTL6a, and sit neatly on an 8004 sub to get just about high enough - though personally I'd ideally want them flown a bit higher (I'm probably being a bit picky here though, just going by a couple of local venues with the NXL44 properly installed).

You really need to demo any of these options. The sound and capabilities will probably surprise and hopefully impress you, but if you're used to playing though powered trap boxes run to the ragged edge for maximum output - the sound might seem a bit different, if you A/B at those volumes.

Fulcrum Acoustic are really interesting, especially the clever integration of innovative passive crossovers with the TQ processing which can be used on most modern DSP platforms. However they don't seem to have much European presence, which likely means limited or no easily accessible aftersales care.

If you can get to Manchester, you could demo Danley SM80s for a more conventional tops on poles over subs type rig. There are probably other places to do this, but Neuron Pro Audio have a lot of experience with the brand and have been excellent ambassadors for Danley in the UK.