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A bit offtopic, but... I am in the process of finding a upgrade for my band sound. We are currently running a 2x QSC KW153 over KW181. So speaker on the pole setup, or more accurately, speaker on the sub. They sound great, but many bands in my region started upping their sount, with many going line-array way, which I think is useless, expecially indoor, in wedding/corporate parties. Their sound is bigger, but not really better, because many dont understand what a line array is, and they come with 2-3-4 speakers per side, which are no line array, but I digress.

So, what we need next is an upgrade on our sound, but I don't want to go to multiple box per side setup, so for the moment I try to find the "best" single speaker. I don't want, at the end of the day, to spend hours getting down a line-array setup.

Fulcrum is interesting, but in Europe is harder to find, so my interest has got me to RCF's top box, the TTL6a. Has anybody heard them, or have any comparison to any other higher-up speaker? And with KW153 too.