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I might be in the minority around here, but I'm not a fan of the Acrolite snare. I'm sorry, but it sounds like you are whacking an aluminum saucepan. It's cheap for a reason. Definitely an acquired taste; listen before you buy. Here's a list of potential used snares to be on the lookout for, most are discontinued (except the Ludwigs). I can't speak to the cost of these drums on the used market, but I can speak to the quality of these drums as we currently own/have owned all of the snares mentioned:

Metal (6-1/2" X 14')
1. Ludwig Black Beauty - a studio standard, probably not the used bargain it
used to be
2. Ludwig Supraphonic (LM402) - it was good enough for John Bonham
3. Pearl Signature Series "Steve Ferrone" brass - good
4. Gretsch Signature Series "Steve Ferrone" brass - better, with distinctive gold
plated hardware (Gretsch recently has changed the shell to steel I believe)
5. Gretsch Gold Series "Bell Brass" with 3.0 mm shell - if you want cut, this is
the drum for you. They originally listed for nearly $1K, so they may not be

Wood (6-1/2" X 14")
1. Gretsch Gold Series Oak (Stave Construction) - a nice drum, but not my
favorite of the stave series
2. Gretsch Gold Series "Weathered Maple" or "Barn Maple" (Stave Construction)
a heavyweight and really beefy when tuned down; great for rock
3. Gretsch Gold Series Cherry (Stave Construction) - my personal favorite, with
a really sweet top end crack

The Gretsch stave series all listed for $699, and were available in the catalogs for $350-$450 new. I'm not sure how available they are are now, but the quality of the stave construction makes them well worth checking out...

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