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maybe when they started switching to stereo samples it began to pose a new technical problem for the previous engine. someone who's familiar with circuit design might be able to shed some light on what might have been going on technically. because if you just simply change the sample rate of a specific voice I would have thought the individual voice would need to be changing its sample clock rate independently for each voice. it could imply an abrupt change in design philosophy between the 950 and 1000. again assuming this is all true and without really knowing a lot about these various design philosophies and available chips of the time.
It's certainly possible (to have variable-clock sample voices synched as a pair for stereo sample replay), I used to have a Synclavier 9600 and that managed it. It also had two D to A convertors per mono sample voice, one for the left output volume and one for the right. I'm not sure if Akai did the same in the S900/950.

Fairlights also had individual voice channels with their own clock to determine sample replay pitch.

I'd be interested if there are any other samplers from that crossover era that did the same e.g. Simmons SDX, Linn 9000 / MPC 60. Anyone know?