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I can't find any Bourns ones. Looks like the original Alps ones (or fakes!) are available on Aliexpress:

I found my last poti, the other 2 I made my brother as a present ;-)

Bourns 91A1A 0,5 W 5 K0

The only thing is, that after replacement, you turn the poti in the other direction. It is possible to solder direct on the pcb, but you have to enlarge the wholes in the metal box, and change the connection on the pcb. My friend is a good studio electrican, so he did that job for me.

btw, they are much more expensive than some years ago ! But still really good pots. It enhances also the sound, its more transparent afterwards. If you are a perfectionist, you can order 10 Pots and measure / match two of them to have a good matching.
Ah thanks. I might do the capacitor swaps first, see how that goes.