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Thanks for the reply. Do you have any thoughts on quality differences between Zoom H6 and iPhone (which?) + MV88? It does look like the DGT 650 is the more "pro" tool, but I unfortunately need something that is zero-setup and near-zero risk of incorrect configuration, since it's so difficult to focus on the recording itself in most of my uses.

I'd say the Shure is at least comparable to the H6 mics, if not better. Maybe have a look at the App for the Shure mic. You can download it for free and IIRC you can use it with the iPhone mic, too. So you can be shure that it works for you. You can make some settings and the mic remembers the settings as long as you don't change them.

The first generation of the MV88 is iOS only and the same mic as the new one, just more features. One complaint about the Shure is that you have to take the iPhone out of a sleeve in order to access the lightning connector and it is a problem in some cases to connect a headphone while using the mic.
The older version it still available and a bit cheaper than the new one. The new one is more convenient.