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Old 28th June 2019
Here for the gear

Hello hello,
About the measurements...

My sketchup file was not to scale so I don't have the exact measurements from that.
I kind of improvised the eventual shape on a 1 x 1 meter slab of mdf.
I used the 19inch rack profiles to guide the shape as they need to be attached to it.
I kept a 2mm space between the edge and the profiles so that when gear goes in, the rack ears align nicely with the MDF edges.
The desktop sits at 76 cm in height. The overall heigth is 1 meter (derived form the 1 x 1 meter slab ofcourse).

The 19"rack panels give the exact spacing which I used to create the monitor platforms and left and right desktop pieces.
The desktop centerpiece is a trapezoid which at the long end is 140cm long if I recall correctly.
(As it had to fit two 27"" screens I already planned and have now added)
The front side of the trapezoid is around 90isch cm but you can vary with this to create the angle that fits for you.
I just tilted the two towers sitting in a chair faking I was messing with gear to get an idea of the right angle.
And that is all I can give you I think.