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Here for the gear

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I can't wait for more of this stuff to hit the markets. Finally the companies are seeing that there's quite the gap between what can be done with a sub and a top per side and a line array. For most 300-1000 cap gigs it's pretty hard to rent a nice conventional PA these days. I'm quite sure that this cute little dual 8" won't fit that bill either, but a 212 or 215 variant just might. With neodymium magnets and super light enclosures it's easier than ever to stack a nice PA alone or with two people.


I bought the Fulcrum Acoustic FA22ac for this reason. 2 neo 12" drivers with one being dual concentric. I run a corporate band and we can easily run events with 1000+ people (focusing sound on the dance floor) paired with one or two Danley TH118 subs clustered in the middle. Powered tops are 65lbs each and can be pole mounted for a very fast setup. Subs are around 160lbs and come with castors. They're pricey, but I've never come across another system with this much fidelity and output in a package of this weight and physical size. The only thing I've never experimented with is the arrayability of these tops, which I'm a little afraid to try with the coaxial horns... not sure how successful that will be.

I definitely have my eye on these X40's though as they shave a little more size and weight off. Not sure if they'll quite reach the spl I have with the FA22ac's, but they may be a bit more scaleable if they array well. It would be great to A/B these boxes and I'm looking forward to hearing reports of people with actual experience with the new Meyers.

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