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I am scraping the Monkey Banana Turbo 5's from my wishlist. It seems they are very bad monitors. A tad bit more revealing than say theKRK Rokit's but bad nonetheless. It seems the Lemur and Baboon series from this same brand however are a different ballgame. They cost less than the turbo's and are way up there with the better monitors. It still seems the JBL305P at 100 a piece are a way better deal than 600 for a pair of Turbo 5's

The MB Furbo's looked fun. but now it's back to boring rectangles :(
The Turbo 5 are not worse than the LSR 305 and the new KRK Rokit 5 G4 are far more revealing than both the LSR 305 mkII and the Turbo 5. Better drivers. Go to a music store and check them out.