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Studio One - 16!!! Samples... although I've read somewhere that technically the RayDAT can't actually do that, and it's lowest real setting is 48... anyway a set up that is impossible in Pro Tools, Kontakt 5 drums into TG12345, super audio cart kontakt, and master fader has vulf compressor... whole system at 16 samples, I only heard my first glitch when I also started screen capturing (at 2650x1080 , 60pfs CPU encoded no less), listen out for it when I rec-enable the synth. Also running in background always: Rambox, Flux, VPN, Arq Cloud Backup, CCC on schedule, Brave browser. I can turn that stuff off if I really need to, but I had no need. The results speak for themselves. I am very impressed with this.
i7 6700k, 16GB Ram, Hackintosh, RME RayDat. The audio for this video is captured through RayDAT loopback to ADAT in of Steinberg UR824 which I also have connected for inputs and outputs on the RayDAT.

Fair enough, thanks for your response!