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Plush, a couple of questions...

Were you using the NTRs? If so I'd be interested in your opinion.
I'm curious, you were combining the cloudlifters with the tube preamp? does the preamp not offer enough gain? And do you find the cloudlifters to be transparent?
Greetings, Playa

Yes, I used the Rode NTR mics at the foot of the piano (Decca style). The NTR ribbons went into the Tube-Tech rack and the PM1A vacuum tube mic preamps in the rack. The NTR mics have plenty of gain and can be used without any booster amps like a Cloudlifter. Internally, the NTR mics have a phantom powered amplifier built in. So they are not a typical low output ribbon mic.

The Coles 4038 pair, however, are a different story. They are very low output and need a booster amp--in this case the Cloudlifter. The Gyraf Audio preamp maxes out at about 60 dB of gain, so this is a little low to amplify the Coles mics.

Cloudlifter is a very good unit with a lifetime warranty. Neutral and nonintrusive to the sound of the microphone. Cloudlifter offers 25dB of gain so that preamps do not have to be cranked full up.

The Coles mics as used here picked up almost no piano sound and offered a rich and thick violin pick up.