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Of course it would be great if all DAWs were as efficient as Reaper but it might not be entirely fair to single out PT as most (or all?) DAWS are not as efficient as Reaper.

Studio One - 16!!! Samples... although I've read somewhere that technically the RayDAT can't actually do that, and it's lowest real setting is 48... anyway a set up that is impossible in Pro Tools, Kontakt 5 drums into TG12345, super audio cart kontakt, and master fader has vulf compressor... whole system at 16 samples, I only heard my first glitch when I also started screen capturing (at 2650x1080 , 60pfs CPU encoded no less), listen out for it when I rec-enable the synth. Also running in background always: Rambox, Flux, VPN, Arq Cloud Backup, CCC on schedule, Brave browser. I can turn that stuff off if I really need to, but I had no need. The results speak for themselves. I am very impressed with this.
i7 6700k, 16GB Ram, Hackintosh, RME RayDat. The audio for this video is captured through RayDAT loopback to ADAT in of Steinberg UR824 which I also have connected for inputs and outputs on the RayDAT.