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Old 27th June 2019
Bumping this thread because I have a similar problem.

I have a lovely Lexicon 300 that I want to go to and from digitally.

I have motu 24Ai and 24Ao which have optical ins and outs.

They can be configured as ADAT or Toslink.

The Lexicon also has optical (and coax and XLR) but it only communicates with AES or SPDIF.

I want to go from the motu 24Ao into the Lexicon and at the same time from the Lexcon to the the motu 24Ai

I think the options are the Alesis AI or maybe a Berhinger Ultramatch? let me know of any other cost effective options. I just want to get a stereo output from my Lexicon to the motu and vice versa at the same time

Say I go for the Alesis, my question is do I need two of them?

Because not only am I going from SPDIF to ADAT I will also be going in the oposite direction at the same time