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Originally Posted by weezul View Post
Sorry should have been more clear, yes I mean the instruments. Kontakt, Massive, etc..
They all just die a death at 32, pro tools stutters and locks up and moving the mouse up to the buffer settings takes forever. This happens at anything below 128, regardless of kontakt memory manager being used or not. Standalone, or in Reaper, at 32 samples everything is perfect, no dropouts. Has been this way since I bought Komplete Ultimate 10, through all pro tools versions up until 2019.5
Out of curiosity, have you tried with another DAW than Reaper on your setup at 32 samples? Reaper is incredibly efficient. I don't think any other DAW is as efficient.

Of course it would be great if all DAWs were as efficient as Reaper but it might not be entirely fair to single out PT as most (or all?) DAWS are not as efficient as Reaper.