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Can anyone on here run native instruments plug ins record-enabled at 32 buffer in Pro Tools Native with any interface? Would love to see how it's acting for others.
I can. 4.5g 7980xe hacks with Focusrite Red8Pre's. Were there specific plugins giving you trouble? I have ultimate collector's edition...

Of course a lot of VI's at the 32 sample buffer choke things up, but NI is pretty good with low buffers here overall. The insert plugins here work well.

I wish we could a x2 and even x4 host buffer settings for VI's. x2 at least as a VI with x2 buffer would have the same latency as an input.

Overall 2019 is running well for me, one annoyance is when comping playlists during playback there are some stutters/dropouts. Sortof strange considering how solid it is otherwise.