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Originally Posted by Arksun View Post
I've never heard the SM9, if they're anything like the Trio11's then I probably wouldn't like those either

To be fair I was auditioning them next to the utterly superb flagship Barefoot MM12 monitors at the time which cost waaaay more, but even if I wasn't I dont think my opinion would change.

My ears have been spoiled using PSI monitors for many years which, like those MM12s have excellent step/transient response.
As well as the initial attacks to instruments sounding tight and realistic, such monitors have great dynamics and sense of front to back physical space in the soundstage, by comparison the Trio11 seemed dynamically flat as a pancake. And I've never really liked the sound of their Beryllium tweeters, at all. On paper it should be an amazing tweeter, in reality it just doesn't sound natural to me, and all Focals i've heard have a very distinct strong Focal box sound which is always there no matter what music you're listening to.

Maybe one day Focal will make a monitor I like the sound of, but today is not that day!
It's interesting, but I did audition the Solo 6 BEs today and I'd agree in part that they do impart a certain character to the sound spectrum but in a pretty good way. They have fantastic stereo imaging but not quite as much depth as my ribbon tweeter ADAM speakers which are 12 years old. However they are smoother and easier to listen to.

Now another question. Do ribbon tweeters (eg. ADAM, EVE, etc) also unnatural to you as well?

I do understand that some people prefer silk dome tweeters. And that's perfectly fine. That's what most people listen to anyway