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Reviving this thread because I just read this puff piece. Songtradr Article

Two things that jump out are, first that they are quoting revenue growth from 2017 in a 2019 article (and not amazing growth at that). And second that they are claiming distribution of $333m to their artists and record company partners... in 2017. I must be missing a key piece of their revenue, like maybe distribution on streaming services makes them a lot of money. But all they talk about in the article is sync. Now to put that in perspective, if it were only sync revenue distributed to artists to the tune of 333m, and that doesn't include Songtradr's cut of the sync? That would be sync revenue in the neighborhood of at least 5x a UPM. Songtradr isn't exactly a production music company, but still... That would also mean that Songtradr is distributing about 30% as much money as PRO's like ASCAP and BMI who rep millions of songs and plays.

If it's so, good for Songtradr. That's amazing. But there's no talk of revenue based on selling the dream/pay to play, which I suspect is a big part of any money they're making at this point. Pay them $50 a year for premium sync opportunities. But they are really just a Distrokid or Tunecore, aren't they?

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