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Positioning in a small square room, compromises

Hi All,

I'm re-purposing a small bedroom in my house for my project studio. When buying the house I wasn't able to be as selective as I wanted in making sure I had a good room for writing/mixing but it's certainly an upgrade over the literally closet-sized space in my old apartment. Most of what I do is virtual instruments and direct-in guitar so I'm not concerned about recording live instruments - just quick creativity, space to play, and mix as accurately as possible.

The room is virtually untreated and that will be changing soon. I do have some absorption panels that were built (poorly) few years back: a 16"x48"x2" Roxul behind each monitor straddling the corner and a 48"x48"x6" Roxul 6 inches from the back wall. Really no coverage in the corners, not enough thickness, I didn't understand what I was doing at the time. I've bought materials to start making better absorbers and I'll be covering my front corners floor to ceiling with 24" panels first. The old panels may be re purposed for first reflection points. But I'm here right now to talk about monitor and listening position.

The room is 10'3" wide by 10'6" long by 8'3" high, essentially a square. The front right corner has sliding closet doors (that can be partially obstructed) and the back left has the door into the room that must remain clear. I've attached a PDF with dimensions and layout options. I have a UMIK 1 and REW that I'm just starting to understand enough to be dangerous. Regardless of positioning I have some big nulls between 75 and 125hz, no surprise there.

My starting layout, was with my chair dead center on all three axes (page 3 of the layout drawings). Once I started reading about placement I found the 38% 'guideline' and started trying to realize it. You can see from page 2 of the layouts that 38% from the front wall is not really feasible with my monitor size in an equilateral triangle. So, I moved to 38% of the back wall but this leaves my active area for guitars and gear a bit constrained. I am currently using this layout (page 1).

I'm looking for folks to weigh in on how they might tackle this, or what compromises they might make, or even options I hadn't thought of. I'm not seeking perfection.

Thanks in advance,
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