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The second half of this post, is if anyone has any ideas of a substitute for a solid state pultec. I am familiar with both the tube and the solid state versions and much prefer the sound of the solid state version so I'm not interested in the tube versions. Those are still in production and I could just pick up a pair of those if I wanted.

I'd prefer stepped or switched if possible. I know the a designs em-eq2 seems to get a lot of respect around here but I'm not sure if the knobs are stepped or switched.

I'm open to ideas and opinions.

Joe makes a passive solid state Pulteq, in both rack and 500, using his own DOA for make-up gain.
Frequencies are stepped, Cut / boost continuous potentiometers, very smooth and damped!

Top tier build quality, great sounding gear.

Joe and JLM Audio (gearslutz review posted by pan60)

JLM Audio PEQ1 Passive EQ (rack version)

(Wish I didn't need to sell my pair, customized with 28V rails and phase reversal switches to allow null matching....)


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