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You will need to either take it in somewhere or ship it to have it properly appraised. Gruhns or Cotten Music in Nashville would be trustworthy - Gruhns is better known but I know Kim Sherman who owns Cotten and she will do you right so I would suggest Cotten if you prefer a reference.

I recently sold a 1960 Strat through Kim - also sold a 1939 Martin D18 and a 1964 Fender Deluxe and I was very happy with the sale although letting my Strat go was perhaps more difficult than when my parents passed away.

You definitely want to get it appraised and properly insured as it will be worth a pretty penny. Figure $15,000 to maybe as high as $20,000 depending on the shape and whether or not any modificiations have been made and from the sound of it there have not been any mods done.

I would also suggest insuring it through a company that handles musical instruments. I would suggest Clarion but others may chime in with other options.

Good luck.