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Originally Posted by Quipu View Post
The idea is that a "neutral" sounding converter is more true to the source sound and colors or changes the source sound less than converters that are not neutral.
So, what I am doing to a sound or mix on the source, front end, before the converter is what is important.

I want the converter (or any component downstream) to give me the truest playback to what I am doing. I don't have converters or whatever to color the sound. I color it on the front end. Ideally, what us downstream faithfully takes what I created to the speakers with minimal alteration of the sound. So neutral respects the upstream and maybe mercilessly renders what is coming from the front end.

I agree with what you say, the thread is a great converter, faithful to the source, transparent AD, everything seems excellent if it is what you want, I was only referring to the phrase "I want to hear what I'm doing when I'm creating a sound"
It's what I do not agree with, with my DA and my PSI monitors I listen to what I'm doing very well
But yes, I understand, I also looked for transparent converters, but it happened that all converters have some weak point, some lose central image, others are a bit advanced in high frequencies, others sound a little sterile or cold or wide.
In the end you have to try to find yours, when I tried Prism Sound I thought "wow, I love" a very transparent DA, the AD is musical, with weight, not advanced in high frequencies, smooth, improves what comes.
I hate that "modern" sound that we want to sell now