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I experienced this quite a bit with a friend of mine - as we're both of a rather nervous or agitated nature it seems that we encountered quite a lot of equipment malfunctions.

People like that are sometimes called 'Sliders'. Claiming to be able make the streetlight go out when they walk undeneath them....

My opinion: It's a load of bull. It's like the brand of batteries supposedly affecting the sound of guitar pedals. Of course I too will notice differences if I zero-in on it long enough - long enough to lose any perspective and 'imagining' sounds.

I think it's no accident that creative people (or people doing creative work) have a tendency to believe in those things. The ability to imagine/think up sounds is essential for artistic purposes but I guess a lot of us are mistrusting machines and so we want them to have a life of their own. Yes, say tube amps are often temperamental. But that's due to the specific technique involved and not a matter of the 'soul' of the amp.

How many times have you been in the studio with a known 'slider' when NOTHING happened, when everything operated perfectly. I would guess WAY more often than when that lone malfunction happened that still happened despite 'positive' and balanced people being in the same room and pooling their mental floss.

It's like the 'rock star dead at 27' myth. Yes, quite a few died at that age but WAY more died at a different age.

Instead of succumbing to some esoteric Hocus Pocus we are better off by servicing our equipment, making backups and regularily checking stuff in general.

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