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Thanks - I am guessing they annoyed you in some way also? (I honestly can't tell if you are empathizing or being a bit sarcastic?) I mean, I use iPhone and iPad, don't get me wrong. And probably if I wanted a desktop, I could make use of a mac mini, not sure about the iMac, I think those are basically locked up like Macbooks now. But for power computing in a laptop, nosireee. Macbook = JokeBook as far as I'm concerned. (Seriously, how do they get off charging one or two upgrade prices to get to i9, when the chip runs like the second from the top i7, due to the lack of turbo clocking? It LITERALLY is paying for the name, without any privilege of using the power of that chip.)

Obviously I let my previous gripes with Apple fall by the wayside as I bought three or four MacBook "Pros" since I wasted that $800 on Logic Pro 9.

We'll see how much of a deal you all feel it is when they decide to cut Logic Pro and turn it into GarageBand Plus or some such nonsense. (don't forget how they crippled Final Cut too, on a whim) I will only run dual or more platform DAWs from now on, that's for sure.
I was pointing out how personally you take it. They are simply a company, like any company, making stuff according to their own priorities. Generally they aim to satisfy the maximum number of users and they are pretty good at it and once in a while they f up.

Getting the maximum cpu cycles is not their priority. Most professional users don't need it. My current MBP is from 2016. I've accomplished an exceptional amount of work with it. Editing photos, building websites, audio production, video editing, publication layout, etc. I've worked many long days of production... sometimes 14 hours and it has never had the slightest problem. It has been basically invisible. I never even think about the computer... just what work I am doing.

It has been a useful tool that I am satisfied with. If your priority is getting the most possible cpu, then Macs aren't that. I've been using Mac laptops for almost 20 years and each one paid for itself many many times over. No doubt I could have used different laptops and had the same experience. My point is that they are one of a number of quality tools available. Use whatever works for you... but talking like the company has some vendetta against users is silly.

Apple is not going to cut Logic Pro...