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Old 24th June 2019
Here for the gear

Consistency in Surround Speaker Setup/Formats

Hi Everybody,

I was looking into buying an Allen and Heath Qu PAC and an AR84

The purpose for this is purely Monitoring for my small Surround Studio.

The inputs would be 8 line level outputs from a Digidesign 192 and 6 line level outputs from a 96 I/O
8 more outputs line level from a Tascam DS-M7.1 Monitoring System.
This is to switch between A satellite system 7.1/5.1 with Bass Management and a discrete ATMOS Mix with separate LFE

The first recallable Preamps 1 to 12 to go to 14 Direct outputs) that would feed the Dyn Audio BM6 speakers and LFE Sub.
This also to swap configurations of routing of Pro Tools configurations that suit the internal bussing of the Pro Tools Film Standard L.C.R.Lfe ..... that cannot be altered in the working session template.

This is so I can line them up perfectly and store the settings between various configurations (ie 7.1 Standard Center, 30 , (60.70) 110 degrees and Atmos centre 30 110 (130,150).

I would like to assign a graphic eq across each to help “tame” the room.

Will the Qu PAC and an AR84 combo be able to achieve this?

I am short on space, so the physical profile of these units suit what I need.
I do not have space for a mixer. The room in based around 2 Raven Mt2 2`s

I couldn`t find any direct support for this question, so I have come to the brains trust.
Any other suggestions are very welcome...

Cheers and thanks for any help in advance