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Longtime drummer/engineer. I wouldn't splurge on a high end kit. I'd try to assemble some options, like a couple used maple kick drums that YOU like, maybe a 20" and a 24". A decent all around snare like a used Ludwig Acrolite ($125). Maybe a pair of good hats, and a ride cymbal. That way you'll have options when somebody brings in something clangy for you to record. There was some good advice about a vintage Ludwig kit fitting your needs, I second that. For me, I'd rather have some kick and snare/cymbal options to fit the mood of the song if you don't have drummers bringing the whole arsenal. Don't buy anything based on looks. Any 70's Ludwig/Slingerland/Gretsch, a higher end 80's Pearl/Tama/Yamaha would get it done. It's all in the tuning key and the drummer's touch anyways