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When a converter or speakers for example are "neutral", they convey more of the unique recording of music or sound. The more neutral a playback system (not talking about making music in the box, in the computer), the more distinct one recording will sound from another. It's quite ear opening when I first heard equipment that was more neutral than I had heard before.

So, the Hilo is more neutral than even the Forssell MDAC. As good as the sound is that comes from the MDAC, it does overemphasis the mid bass.

I have found that I don't want my downstream equipment to "color" my music.
I want to hear what i am doing when I am creating a sound, or playing it or mixing or mastering. The Hilo is better for me because it is neutral. The higher priced components, even scraping the sky in dollar amounts, they all are designed with neutral in mind. The more expensive, highly resolved equipment, the more neutral. It can be startling to hear this for the first time.

The Hilo's great strengths are it's neutrality, display interface, many converters inside and many routing possibilities. Well made and absolutely top notch, easy to phone up and talk to support.

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