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Hilo is neutral.

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For what its worth, someone on GS did a high end converter test and did audio loops through DAC and ADC. After 50 pass throughs, the only converter that made no change to the audio was the Lynx Hilo.

If you want it to "sound" nice do shootouts and buy whatever you like the most after a listening session. But the Hilo will be pure audio in a technical sense, and for people who do mastering or critical listening its nice to know what is "true".
Agree with all you say above.

Hilo is a "neutral" sounding converter; it is true to the source. Some like components that are not neutral and that add or subtract somewhere in the frequency range; more bass, increased air in high frequencies.

Neutral allows me to use the source equipment in my music making to create the "sound" I want rather than letting the equipment downstream to color my music.

A clean, neutral, and "pure audio" as you said, makes it a converter that is truer to the sources. It tells you what needs to be done to the source material (synth, DAW sound, treatments to sounds, etc.)

Getting accustomed to a neutral converter like the Hilo will facilitate better music production over time. Great converter and reasonable price.