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Originally Posted by Ragan View Post
I dig the DIYRE EQP5s quite a bit. SS, stepped pots.

Can customize with choice of transformers and opamps.

Originally Posted by drBill View Post
I'd second the DIY EQP's. They can be customized too, and are really quite nice. Stepped pots. Not quite as much flexibility as a full unit, but still very cool. If the freq.'s meet your needs, or the optional freq changes meet your needs (you can mod the freq selections too), they would probably serve you well. If you need more freq selection every time you use the unit, maybe not. But definitely worth checking out.
I hadn't seen these before! They look pretty cool, and they're cheap enough that I can make a few with modded freqs to cover a wide range. I'm gonna take a look at these - I'm halfway decent with a soldering iron and they don't look like too hard of a build.

Thanks for the heads up on these.